jim_wylde 94 4y
  •   jim_wylde @rustygav thanks 4y
  •   ocullus @zombling I started a number series. It was suggested I make it a challenge and invite others to participate. If you are interested I can send your rules or you can look at comments under my 9. I like your style it would be great to have your input. 4y
  •   jim_wylde @ocullus it would be my pleasure :) 4y
  •   ocullus @zombling Rules for the chronological numbers challenge:
    1. Fresh numbers. Not from archives.
    2. Have to be in chronological order. Post with date. If I see somebody post a 15 for example I will be looking for a 16 to post.
    3. Must be interesting.
    Have tagged them under #chronologicalnumbers. The idea is just to see how far we can get. 4y

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