scienceresearch #13waystoDIEchoose1... {N.B. re. the ole #scorpionresearch re. the present #idied100times series) I decided against using photos of real death to illustrate the concept, and as a compromise I'm using photos of real life juxtaposed with death fantasies. So remember kids, #chooseUNFOLLOW } ... 1. A hitherto unseen man jumps off the 4th floor balcony; 2. As above, but it's the 3rd floor; 3. The car accelerates and swerves to the right, killing the large man; 4. The car attempts the above, but encounters trouble In the yellow box; 5. The bald man stabs the large man; 6. Tottenham riots 4y
  •   ehrenstrale 2. 4y
  •   ehrenstrale Btw. I just un-followed you. 4y
  •   ehrenstrale And then followed you again. 4y
  •   ehrenstrale Is that wrong? 4y
  •   scienceresearch There is an element of wrong here, #iConfess. Let's just roll with it til Halloween anyway @ehrenstrale @brendan_biele (general contributions welcome on the scorpionresearch tag, and specific deaths welcome on iDied100times... Ehrenstrale I o u a blueseries still, I'll swap u for a black!) 4y
  •   jjohnson The bald man whispers in his ear "watch yo back" then proceeds 4y
  •   scienceresearch @jjohnson menacing. Nice 4y
  •   kseven We will return after the break  4y

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