luv_colour This is dedicated to you sweet heart... 3y
  •   iouliana Where is that?! Nice. Wish to visit this place! 3y
  •   luv_colour It's in Oporto - Porrugal you really need to visit @iouliana 3y
  •   iouliana @luv_colour Wish to have a chance to travel more in my life! So many beautiful places I would visit! And I felt in love with Instagram - I can see a lot by someone's eyes!!! 3y
  •   luv_colour Yes I feel the same too... most times i travel in work and just "passing by" i wish i could explore more.... but here we "meet" everything and it's really great @iouliana thank you for your kindness 3y
  •   iouliana @luv_colour At least you have a chance! It's great and you are lucky! I think it's not easy - to travel-work, but from another people eyes it's interesting! 3y

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