niallsjukebox Everyone was back home and it was 8 o'clock. You got dropped off here by your friends and they forgot to pick you up, our phone was dead too. "Harry" you said my phone is dead and nobody is coming to pick me up. Your welcome to stay Niall jumps up and says, you blush and agree I guess I will stay for the night. You went to the bathroom and as you were about to leave you hear the boys talking Liam says ok so we're is she going to sleep? Uhm, she can sleep with me harry says with a cheeky smile. You make the door open loudly so it's not like you heard anything. Ok (y/n) you will be staying with me in my room tonight. You smile but think of Niall and how sweet he is. Ok you say but what will I wear for pajamas? You can have one of my shirts says Liam. 3y

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