ginny_jrt I think Ginny needs lessons from @poppysausage on how to catch a frisbee 2y
  •   _kristenallen Try the soft rubber ones from kong in puppy size, that did the trick with the pigcow! 2y
  •   jannette212 Keep trying Ginny!! 2y
  •   sixpackshack So cute! She's really focusing! Throw the frisbee away from her, instead of towards her, and let her run after it. Start with short throws. She'll be catching it in no time! 2y
  •   xxgmxxx I'm following u 2y
  •   agdollsgirl6622 hes adorable and good at frissbee 2y
  •   justtscott I absolutely love it!! 2y
  •   ginny_jrt_fanpage Awww 2y
  •   squaretwo This will forever and always be my favorite photo of Ginny 1y

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