sampottorff I'm art;) 4y
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  •   ennyliddam Omg. So I've been trying to ind a photo that nobody has recently looked at so maybe. Just maybe. I'll get your attention Sam Pottorff. I know you don't know me, this is honestly really weird commenting something for someone who I don't even know, and who doesn't even know me. But honestly even if I don't know you, I feel like I know enough to realize that I pretty much do know you. And this is really personal telling but... Yeah. So I don't know if you still struggle with depression like you admitted on one of your o2l videos. I don't know it you were really even being serious about it. You could've meant just sad about it or actual depression. I struggle with depression everyday-- and it honestly does suck. And I just find it amazing that you can go through all of this everyday with a smile on your face. And when I see your smile it makes me smile, and it makes me happy. Not just because you're "cute" not just because you're "hot" or "sexy" . I mean yes you are those things. But the reason I smile and get happy is because I know it's possible. And what I mean by that is that I know it's possible to get through all of this️. And if I'm being completely honest I probably wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for the video. Damn I must just sound like some crazy stalker fan. But oh well. But honestly you made me realize how much life is worth️. Thank you Sam @sampottorff 9mon
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