melonolson i have two questions. first one - when you think of the word feisty, what animal comes to mind? second question - if i started posting to Society6, would any of you actually be interested in my work? I'd love to be able to just dedicate my time to design, music, video/animation, and traveling to meet people! fuck the little shit ha. POINT BEING what do you all think/want/hate/love/feel like eating? 3y
  •   krystieleexx Go for it Jake! Way excited for you! And I hear the platypus is rather feisty?! 3y
  •   melonolson @treehouse_girl QUILLS! 3y
  •   melonolson and dirty mouths... 3y
  •   krystieleexx Haha u got it!! 3y
  •   007larry I love society 6! I would enjoy it. 3y
  •   leteresa I've been craving icecream cake for the LONGEST time. Or a sandwich. Or some vegetarian pizza. 3y
  •   melonolson @007larry sounds good friend! 3y
  •   melonolson @leteresa tonight is my second attempt to making and eating a margarita pizza (i dont eat a lot of meat) since last time someone helped themselves and finished off the last one 3y

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