gekeb Feeding puzzle pieces to a giraffe during hour 6 in A&E. 3y
  •   katejm NOOOOOOO 3y
  •   gekeb Yep. Took a dive off the sofa. Lump the size of a golf ball. All good though @katejm, just discharged. 3y
  •   kosznai Aaaww, look at that poor lil' purple hand!!! 3y
  •   katejm Oh darlings! What a thing. 3y
  •   gekeb Don't panic too much @kosznai, the purple on the hand is a smudged fairy stamp from his big sis to help him feel better. Bless her thoughtful heart 3y
  •   kosznai @gekeb That's so sweet 3y
  •   chiefchilli Hope he's better now. 3y

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