•   virginia_zoppi No,he isn't (: 3y
  •   snamjaxn I read somewhere that this isn't Michael :/ but it looks cute anyway 3y
  •   lovelysmelly I knew it Thank you for tell me, lovely angels 3y
  •   kon.kumi マイケルじゃないの…??(⌇ຶД⌇ຶ) 3y
  •   lovelysmelly @kon222kon 違うらしいよーTwitterでも皆が違う言うてたが、海外の人達にも問うてみた 3y
  •   marilyn_jpn そっくり、 3y
  •   pipa777 no, it's not Michael, it's a russian woman, if I recall well 3y
  •   pipa777 that was an impersonator contest or something similar 3y

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