•   jcruz29 @billywwwwwww some people don't need a great lookin body to get girls. Plus if I had abs it wouldn't even be fair y'all butterfaces out there. 2y
  •   billywadsworth Whatever helps you sleep at night bro @jcruz29 2y
  •   jcruz29 @billywwwwwww don't hate bill if I took supplements and needles id be huge too. 2y
  •   philly_flex This is awesome guys keep going I know you can get deeper @jcruz29 @billywwwwwww 2y
  •   billywadsworth It's not about the supplement is all the hard work and Dedication I can show you .. It will be $30 a session 2 times a week on a 6 month contract .. I will help you achieve your goals big guy @darealpspain @jcruz29 2y
  •   philly_flex That's actually a really good deal jojo @jcruz29 @billywwwwwww 2y
  •   billywadsworth Here I tell you what @jcruz29 the first 4 sessions is FREE on the house and I will throw in a FREE gym bag @darealpspain 2y
  •   jcruz29 That's awesome and I bet you could, but I need more. Sport specific workouts. I have a NFL guy doing my conditiong and work outs. 2y

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