chucknewham Got some new toys for my birthday! Photomojo macro lens. Thanks @oh_lordy! 3y
  •   shirahamatoy @chucknewham what? What? What? A physical lens attachment??? What'll they think of next? And I need one. 2y
  •   shirahamatoy @chucknewham I just checked the site and now I need to spend money I don't have!!! 2y
  •   chucknewham @shirahamatoy Yeah man, check out or olloclip. I think photojojo macro lens is way better than the olloclip though. 2y
  •   shirahamatoy @chucknewham chuck, you're killing me with knowledge I shouldn't have. Gonna go with the sampler from Photojojo! 2y
  •   chucknewham @shirahamatoy Nice! The only thing I dislike about it is the little metal rings that hold the lenses on doesn't fit under phone cases. I have to put a new ring on every time I want to use it. 2y
  •   shirahamatoy @chucknewham I guess I have to stop using a cover. Thanks for the info Chuck!!! I really appreciate it!!!!! 2y
  •   chucknewham @shirahamatoy no problem man! I hope you take lots of insect pics! 2y
  •   shirahamatoy @chucknewham I'll do my best! 2y

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