steeezo_946 beats, beats, beats..... 5/26..... 2y
  •   djhavik @stz_946 what operating system for 3000 do u have? 2y
  •   steeezo_946 @djhavik I have 3.16 If there is a timing, I would like to use the Vailixi 3.50! :) 2y
  •   steeezo_946 Incidentally default OS is 3.11 2y
  •   djhavik @stz_946 yeah i here no one can find Rohan. If you dont mine me asking is that wave from the mpc? I have a 3000 never seen wave. Thanks 2y
  •   djhavik Hear not here 2y
  •   steeezo_946 @djhavik oh, no one can find Rohan... I understood... I can never use the 3.50... I would like to touch some day. :) 2y

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