froggracie I found this from a vacation I took with my family a couple years ago:) 3y
  •   froggracie Dolphins 3y
  •   ariana_thg_lover That's awesome!! 3y
  •   froggracie @ariariana yeah:) so what've you been up to this summer so far? Haha:) 3y
  •   ariana_thg_lover Well I went on a cruise like the first week and now it's all about school. Xavier is really tough. I absolutely hate summer school!! Well I've met some friends so that's nice but the work is hard and tedious. 3y
  •   froggracie A CRUISE?? AWESOME!! Where'd you go? Oh and im sorry that you have to do all the work... I think I know barely anything compared to you O.o hehe... But itll pay off:) 3y

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