brittanymklein Fucking disgusting truck, and your childs booster is in the front seat...seriously? #stupid 3y
  •   brittanymklein Yeah at Ens Toyota haha 3y
  •   1985zcar I ment all over the dash and wheel lol ew. I don't miss cleaning cars. 3y
  •   brittanymklein @1985zcar yeah I'm fucking ready to leave haha, had enough of it 3y
  •   aidanwagner How is the Toyota cardboard floor mats still there! They usually shred! 3y
  •   brittanymklein @aidanwagner haha no it's one put in from today because it's here for service! 3y
  •   kylemanders I detail cars at Kavia. I get some pre nasty ones too. 3y
  •   bieberhole24 that's fucking raunchy. nice tape job tho. but shit. u must be one nasty person to be ok with that 3y
  •   brittanymklein @bieberhole24 LOL. I am most definitely not ok with it. I'm so done 3y

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