_jbode_ Lake Taäl #luzon #philippines 2y
  •   lynnylenses You have some super cool pix here on your instagram page. What camera do you have to take the pictures? Do you take your pictures with an film SLR or digital SLR camera? I am the designer and creator of a creative effects lens for SLR/DSLR cameras. If you own an SLR/DSLR or will own one in the future, I really encourage you to follow the @lynnylens community on instagram. I am having a promotion where I choose a few people out of those who follow us to get a free @lynnylens . The Lynny Lens is a artistic effects camera lens which you tilt around to control its effects. it's a pretty amazing lens. I think if you have an SLR/DSLR camera you would have fun with it. Otherwise if you want to buy it without waiting, it's only $75 (use coupon DM to get it for $69 (link on the profile)). Follow @lynnylens to enter in, no other action needed, you really could win a Lynny Lens for free! You will really love it! I hope you win! 2y
  •   lynnylenses Neat pic 2y
  •   lynnylenses What a nice pic! 2y

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