yoshikiofficial I'm drinking with Atsushi from Exile in Hong Kong! I'll be the new member of his group, completely joking! 2y
  •   irinchong My dear Atsushi and yoshiki together in a photo!! 2y
  •   angelsharyf when you come back to Thailand kaa ^_^* 2y
  •   yeahsusita @qnuy ok this is the 2nd try! Mdh2an nongol yah di stream news engkau nuy... ;) 2y
  •   qnuy naaahh..yg ini nongol hihihi 2y
  •   kazue_7 I really this pic. Everytime I see both of you that makes me happy :) 2y
  •   yunpan (;_;) 1y
  •   winkybuzz look forward seeing you dance my prince lol 7mon
  •   yukinojoou ATUSHIさんだーー 1mon

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