leafichan Tiki torch candlelight. @tiffanysawiki 's house. Had a blast. This is old as well, haha. #leafichan #days #lifephoto #tiki #torch #fire #fiyah #teen #fun 2y
  •   leafichan Sorry for the bad quality as well :P 2y
  •   tiffanysawiki Fun, fun! I can't wait till Fourth of July! Whoop whoop! 2y
  •   leafichan Me neither. You forgot this. and . There will be dolphins in your pool. 2y
  •   tiffanysawiki Oh yes, and I also hope there will be lots of not . Oh and I heard that the 's are bringing along their friends the, . Yepp, cause there totally friends and all. 2y
  •   leafichan Yeah cause dolphins totally live in the desert. I know. I've seen them. 2y

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