ximaginethatx @ximaginethatx "Oooh whats going on there?" Your mom asks. "Nothing. We are going to where ever alone for the first time." You say as you get up to throw away your trash. "Well alright. Ill see you home late then?" Your mom asks joining you in the kitchen. "Yeah I guess." You say. "Behave then" your mom replies. "Yeah okay." you say and walk up to your room. You finish your homework and pack your bag and lay down for bed. You get a text from Louis asking if you're still going out tomorrow. You reply saying yes and lay back down. You get another text from Louis saying 'Cant wait, sleep well beautiful.' You cant stop smiling as you close your eyes and fall asleep. You get up and Leslie isnt there again but Zayn is. You smile and he opens the door for you again. "Surprising me two days in a row. I could get used to this." You say and Zayn laughs a little. "Well I just always want you to be the first one I see when I wake up." Zayn says as he drives you to school. You blush and look out your window. Zayn kisses you on the cheek and you climb out. Again your girls are waiting for you. "Nice surprise huh?" Leslie asks. "The best." You blurt out. "Well you still have one date left with Louis." Melanie says. As the last few minutes of the day go by you can feel your heart beat faster and you start to breath heavier. When school is finally out you find Louis in the parking lot and get in his car. "Hello beautiful." Louis says and kisses your cheek. "Hey, so where are we going?" You ask. #imagine #fanfic #Zaynmalik #louistomlinson #onedirection #getreadyforit @ivysalem @lizzieneuhoff @leahpoliti 2y

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