•   wonderaction_ Lou or hazza 2y
  •   amandaoliv Brown eyes, so i guess its Liam! 2y
  •   edstagram_ Louis 2y
  •   sloanejohnson LIAM! 2y
  •   sloanejohnson Brown eyes= Liam  2y
  •   mandapandalove @onedirectionerland who is it? I stll think is their drummer Josh. It can't be louis or Harry for the eye color and the nose docent look right for liam. This is drivinge insane!!! 2y
  •   amiefoster_ Its not Harry or Lou, Louis has blue eyes and Harry has greeeny eyes so it has to be Liam because zayn has black hair and usually has a quiff so from my working outs it's liam 2y
  •   momma.keller Josh 2y

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