kezmodo Game over 3y
  •   kezmodo As the #sunset over #Norwich's #Goals #5aside centre, Thursday #night #football {#TNF} thankfully ended my day in a much healthier way than it had started 3y
  •   _corky_ I heard you commenting on this during the game!!! Had a feeling a pic would follow haha 3y
  •   _corky_ Really hated last nights game by the way 3y
  •   kezmodo @_corky_ Yeah, I didn't enjoy it either. Had four attempts, three on target, two with the sweet spot, two left foot, one the right... and ballooned over {after toeing it first with my standing leg}... Oh, and after starting brightly, I faded. Also, don't like playing with Pover. He very rarely passes to me 3y
  •   _corky_ In fairness he very rarely passes at all. Add to that the fact he constantly moans, I enjoy bring on the opposite team. I realise it sounds hypocritical given that I don't always pass.... But I found dribbling round people worked well last night 3y
  •   _corky_ Stick to team cork next week 3y

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