joyannmary My newest book just arrived :) #RonPaul #EndTheFed #Books #Ron #Paul 4y
  •   alisonbeagan I want reviews! I'm looking for a new book this looks interesting 4y
  •   joyannmary @alluke I definitely will!! I have 2 more in the mail related to this idea too. It's definitely an eye opener. 4y
  •   joyannmary C a 4y
  •   joyannmary @alluke This is the easiest book I've read. I understand everything that he says and there's footnotes all throughout the book! I highly recommend this book for anyone who doesn't fully understand our federal banking system. 4y
  •   alisonbeagan I'll have to pick it up then 4y
  •   s1ckqu3d Viva la R3VOLUCION! 3y

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