stephynow I think I might've inhaled you. 4y
  •   stephynow Shot by Hamish October 3y
  •   moonski7 Gorgeous 3y
  •   stephynow @moonski7 thank you :) 3y
  •   anthonyn1cholas Wow!! 3y
  •   minimidwestyogi I know this is a very old post, but I have been following you for quite some time..I just wanted to thank you for not being afraid of being YOU...your page really inspires me and somehow lets me know its ok to be a woman..ive been uncomfortable in my own at the age of 30 I am becoming more confident 3mon
  •   stephynow @minimidwestyogi Thank you for your words. Happy 30 to you, my dear! I would say a lot of shifts took place at 30 for me too. Really getting to know myself, my body, etc and really getting in touch with the feminine. Keep following your fierce, beautiful, sometimes terrifying, but good-hard loving ways of you, inside-out. Thank you for writing me. Truly. 3mon
  •   anth0ny_campbell Brilliant mind. Thank you for sharing YOU 1mon

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