billizzz Wolfman@bano 3y
  •   waynethelegoman Dude. That's scary. 3y
  •   mum2_three @billizzz one of the best galleries I've seen on here, absolutely loved looking through your photos! Love what you do with the Lego figures I just became your new follower... Looking forward to seeing more of your photos! 3y
  •   zacerickson Are these always on location, or do you play with backdrops and green screen? 3y
  •   billizzz @zacerickson are in location, are original and no photomontage. Also see on my website gps point for each pic. Visit 3y
  •   billizzz @mum2_three you are welcome, thanks for the support! Visit my website... 3y
  •   casirfm Ok ora ti cerco su flickr, ciao 3y
  •   jetlego16 Wow Neato! 3y

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