mister_medley Oprah's Lifeclass notes 4y
  •   lala_laurenbeck I love you! You always share the perfect words just when I need them! Thanks boo 4y
  •   yvessaintcroissant Kudos to you for putting positivity out into mobile land. 4y
  •   okchrista I'm on board with everything Lauren said! 4y
  •   karlypoo This couldn't have been read by me at a better time. I had a question, and literally moments later, this was the answer. Of course it was the answer all along. I just needed to be reminded. 4y
  •   ifermoore Thanks, Paul! I love you! Right now 4y
  •   ifermoore I'm working on releasing myself from attachment to the outcome and acknowledging the worth of my time. :) 4y
  •   sscissortail I miss you 4y
  •   child6of6the6grave Hippie shit! hahaha 4y

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