zini @jetnoirz just like this but in white. More then enough. Besides if I wanna go fast I'll take the bike. This or a low black mustang all decked out. Or an STI. Idk 4y
  •   zini And then do a full blacked out tint windshield and all same wheels same hight. Just #superchaged! Yup 4y
  •   zini @powlinaarevalo but in WHITE IN WHITE! Just like this and blacked out tint hell yeah! 4y
  •   jetnoirz Heard subaru is going to eventually have am STI version. Then were talking 4y
  •   zini @jetnoirz I can't wait! What am I made outta stone!? And the brz STI is only gonna make 250hp na and you gotta wait like a year for that. I want car now. @jetnoirz 4y
  •   curiouz Haha I've Been keeping with the updates since I found out. I'm getting it haha.. Soon lol 4y
  •   zini @curiouz it's a promising car. 4y

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