lonv Domo arrigato Mr Databaseo 4y
  •   bo53 Many thanks for your vote Bo) 4y
  •   mademoisellenq Can you shoutout me please!thanks!(: 4y
  •   raelacey oh ya! 4y
  •   mademoisellenq Can You Shoutout me please! Thanks!(: 4y
  •   junsaro Lol is the 'horcrux' talk in reference to Harry potter? 3y
  •   lonv @junsaro Haha, yeah...I name all my computers Harry Potter things. I'm a nerd. 3y
  •   ellegazelle Genius move (horcrux)! I name my devices after trek ships. The iPhone is Enterprise... 3y
  •   lonv @ellegazelle haha, cool. At home I have patronus and hedwig 3y

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