•   bignachh Lol on the real, I'm scared to get a bike ! I drive fast as it is haha. 4y
  •   idrewink @ignacioom me to! I feel like I'm gonna kill myself but shit is hella fun. 4y
  •   _papiben Let me buy your honda off you 4y
  •   bignachh How much ? Lol 4y
  •   mcaro85 Finally someone said it! Haha @ignacioom 4y
  •   liliana_co Smartest thing your dumbass has ever said ! Good job 4y
  •   drewsdown Feel you bro.. Been tryna save for a bike so I can roll with my pops. I love my civic and all but damn.. Gets annoying 4y
  •   manarangatang Good 4y

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