•   kdove89 Shouldn't you be more encouraging :P 2y
  •   jessejwi You shouldn't be using a hand held device while driving a motor vehicle. 2y
  •   eromanchik Maybe I didn't take the picture, way to assume Jesse 2y
  •   bthejet Jesse you know what assuming does.. Tisk tisk 2y
  •   bthejet You know what makes this funny is that this was probably taken on @eromanchik's iPad 2y
  •   eromanchik Shows just how much time it took for this person to turn left. Not just long enough to wait, but long enough for an iPad to be unlocked after being rummaged for and a photo taken. Again though, don't assume I took the photo. I do not admit to an illegal actions taking place during the taking of this photo. 2y

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