dast357 @airicka_g hell mother fing yes!! Just got our #hardfest tickets it's going to be a good #birthday 4y
  •   dast357 ganna take my butterfly knife out hahaha and #stabascrap love u bug can't wait 4y
  •   ashleytoman Hey so is this jus the ticket?! I got it n the mail & was confused!! 4y
  •   dast357 @ashnicole89 yes that is the ticket there will be scanners at the gates it's better then having a paper ticket cuz of the 2 days u got a bar code and a credit type scanner also the number code on the back. 4y
  •   ashleytoman It's all official soo excited!:) have u been b4? 4y
  •   dast357 @ashnicole89 nope was going to go last year but didn't its going to be my b day that fri so I am ready to 4y
  •   ashleytoman :) 4y
  •   ashleytoman W/o the part tho... Only this lol 4y
  •   dast357 @ashnicole89 yup no for me just some good old 4y

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