epicurushk The signature Snail Oat Porridge with fennel and parsley garlic reduction. Very garden like.. 2y
  •   epicurushk @chocolatemuimui This had too much powerful fennel but still good. Some dishes were merrrr some were interesting. At least got it off my back after a few years of planning for me and me London friend. Yawn! 2y
  •   epicurushk @paulfrankwang I live in HK but booked here a few months ahead. Wouldn't say it was as good as we thought it'll be. I had a more interesting meal last night that coated half price 2y
  •   paulfrankwang @hkepicurus Really! That's interesting. How many courses? 12? 2y
  •   epicurushk @paulfrankwang This was I think 14. Last night said 12 but was more like 18 Food is not enjoyable when we are pushing beyond physical limits! No matter how good it is! 2y
  •   paulfrankwang @hkepicurus I get what you mean. But with a name like the fat duck, you better eat everything that's given to you. ;) if you don't mind me asking, how much was the entire meal? 2y
  •   johannesp LoL it's called Fat Duck not Skinny Chick. I like fennel & congee consistencies... This dish would float my boat with the oats. 2y
  •   winsomelaiws Where did you have the more interesting meal you mentioned above? :) 2y
  •   epicurushk @winsomelaiws I had that at Viajante! Quite interesting concepts 2y

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