rindizzniss I'm 18 weeks!! Where is my bellllllly??! I guess that's what I get for having a two foot torso #bump #igdaily #igaddict #instagramhub 4y
  •   zombwait Turn sideways! :) 4y
  •   rindizzniss @zombwait it's only visible in person I just look bigger in general in pictures haha 4y
  •   zombwait Ha no you don't. Ya look great. Can't wait to see baby bump pics! Well more.. 4y
  •   aliburdi03 Think of it this way, you'll go right back to bring normal sized right after he is born!!! 4y
  •   rindizzniss @alicialiburdi HE!!! pardon me, I'm still really stoked he's a boy 4y
  •   aliburdi03 I can tell!!!! 4y
  •   aliburdi03 @rindizzniss and I agree, turn to the side so we can all see!!! 4y

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