restlessfingers #whatimdoingrightnow Tagged by @shabbychicsarah Contemplating this rather early 90s dress sent by Grandma for the girls. Tagging @muminthemadhouse @mummylimited and @ceejayh to play. 4y
  •   cuckoob Love it! Your girls could easily pull that off! 4y
  •   shabbychicsarah I kinda like that too x 4y
  •   restlessfingers I can't make my mind up. It really strongly makes me think of the kids in the video clips in Teletubbies. All decked out in Bennetton and Laura Ashley. @shabbychicsarah @cuckoob @xxnickifxx 4y
  •   shabbychicsarah I see what you mean!! My eldest loved the Telletubbies, he called them "dat dats" for some inexplicable reason. Now he's nearly 14 and just grunts - enjoy your little ones!! *sigh* x 4y
  •   cuckoob Chop the sleeves off. 4y
  •   restlessfingers @cuckoob that's not a bad idea! 4y
  •   ceejayh I think cutting the sleeves off would be so sweet. Could you put a netted puffy slip underneath with a little thin belt? Lovely dress though x 4y

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