buttpartyerica The early #morning #commute claims another #victim. #Snoozing while #cruising. 3y
  •   buttpartyerica Welcome to my world of transportation. @codynutter except I wrecked my car. Women drivers. 3y
  •   codynutter I wish the public transportation system in Austin kicked as much ass as Chicago 3y
  •   buttpartyerica Ditto. They're going to need to do something to help out sooner or later, with how many people are continuously moving there. It's gonna be more of a shit show in 5 years, no doubt. @codynutter 3y
  •   chelseeeeeea This is amazing. I love that man. 3y
  •   buttpartyerica @chelseeeeeea I have an arsenal of sleeping people photos. Haha. 3y
  •   mylittleartichoke Hahahaha 3y
  •   codynutter They released plans for an "urban rail" line that's fucking laughable. Still doesn't go south of the river. They're trying to plan for the future, but are forgetting to solve existing problems as well. Idiots. 3y
  •   buttpartyerica Hahahaha. Transportation in any form was fucked from the beginning, lets make every street curve or dead end. And block numbers make no sense. Good luck with that urban rail that will be a joke. @codynutter 3y

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