emilyb_ Even tho I cracked my phone.. Today was a good day.. Off to bed. Goodnight 4y
  •   nataly.____ Wow i like u w no make up :) 4y
  •   freshlybakedapparel All bye urself!!! 4y
  •   hawaii_lee a couplee of days ago, i had a silly dream with yu and fab. u were driving, fab was in the passenger and we were heading over to a babyshower that seemed to be yours ! since i am of a hawaiian, chinese & black decent. u asked me if i was a PMB we all laughed in the car. when we got to your house dozens of people were there .. i wokeup actin like i could just call you and say hey whatsup, lmao. your great em, keep doing you (and fab ) @emily_b 4y
  •   robbernard Muy bella chula 4y
  •   sensationaldave Hi 4y
  •   mzzblake Another beautiful without makeup picture @emilyb_ 3y
  •   boog10c I must agree you're even more beautiful without the make up !!! Natural way better !! 3y

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