daphnalewy So many napping positions, so little time 4y
  •   daphnalewy @yoncie ibdeed..btw i havent firgotten the promise to post tel aviv photos..just not such a good photographer...will try to later this week 4y
  •   yoncie Theres no hurry, lol! And you've taken some wonderful pictures!!! 4y
  •   loryblo Love !! 4y
  •   gamolg      4y
  •   yoncie Daphna, I just looked back through your pics to see the first one of Fifi. It's only been 5 weeks! I can't believe how much she's grown!!! 4y
  •   daphnalewy @yoncie tell me about it.. She doesn't even behave like a baby anymore plus she took over the house and my bed. 4y
  •   daphnalewy @gamolg thanks dear 4y
  •   debbykooij Awww... She is so cute!!! 4y

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