thelittleaslam Finally found some and I'm in ! 2y
  •   talk2jamie Tell me about this? What makes it so amazing? Will it make 35 yr old lips look, say, 24? 2y
  •   ninabinah I want someeee!!! 2y
  •   laurashleym What is it? 2y
  •   thelittleaslam @talk2jamie yes it will! Buy it immediately!! @laurashleym it's this awesome chapstick/lipgloss kind of thing. Goes on like Chapstick but has a nice little shine and amazing smell!! 2y
  •   highheeledlove CVS tends to have better pricing on it than Target, just FYI 2y
  •   talk2jamie Ohhh. Good to know. !! Thx 2y
  •   talk2jamie I went and bought some!! Two tubes of it in fact! It's perfect thank you for telling me about it! 2y
  •   thelittleaslam @talk2jamie Anytime! I'm always here to help spur new obsessions 2y

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