jim_nowhere fun with sidewalk chalk. (@panthermonkey91 posted a Colour photo) 2y
  •   saint_quinn I just read a really interesting article on the truth about the history of settlement in North America. Apparently the reason that no one had done it before, or 150 years after, Columbus was because the Coasts was to densely populated 2y
  •   saint_quinn Then a plague much deadlier than the plague seen in Europe wiped out up too 90% of the native population. When the first settlers showed up most of the civilized areas had been abandoned. Essentially, things has gotten all post-apocalyptic and mad max here. Making it fairly easy for the Europeans to stroll right in. 2y
  •   saint_quinn Fascinating stuff. I'll try to find it again and see if I can find more on the subject. 2y
  •   jenniplease @san_quentin Interesting. You'd think that a plague wiping out nearly 90% of he population would be a major event in the oral histories of coastal aboriginal peoples. Please do follow up with the title if you find it 2y
  •   jenniplease (I meant when not if) 2y
  •   jim_nowhere @san_quentin please do I'd love to read more about it. 2y

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