ydloc One of my homies bacc in Dallas in that cartel life free my nicca away #goon #hoodlife #lockedup #fuckwithit #yolo #salute #cartel #murder 2y
  •   ydloc Hahaha @mollys_mommy I got a iphone4 and it spelt it that way so ya I really don't care and that's all anyone ever says what about a stray bullet well to let you know it wasn't a shooting it was more of a slaughter 2y
  •   ydloc For god sacks? Someone needs to learn how to spell @mollys_mommy an why go to south America when I can do it in my own back yard..... 2y
  •   ydloc And foe seems like someone is very alliterate @mollys_mommy 2y
  •   ydloc Oh well shit happens it's a dog eat dog world out there and someone has to take out the trash so it's left to the street soldiers ain't proud of what they do but it's the way of life for some people when ever thing else fails the only place to turn to is the streets that's why we are goons I just made my self a better person but I still have that goon mind mentality anyways "Es como Es" @mollys_mommy 2y
  •   lilsomebody_45 You should be the one in high school @mollys_mommy because you can't even spell. Is legit not "ligit", dumbass. 2y
  •   lilsomebody_45 By way @mollys_mommy, I am in high school. And I know at least 50 immature freshmen that can spell better than your dumb-ass. 2y

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