ejbozeman Arise. Inspired in part by @_elemental_picture @manasseh and @thehudson. Check them all out if you haven't already. They all have incredible work. 3y
  •   jambry greatness! 3y
  •   ejbozeman @jambry wow! Thanks! I think you might have over shot on that a little, but I honestly am humbled by your kind words! 3y
  •   38ssiew Awesome bro! That text is killer!! 3y
  •   tegler_ Absolutely amazing!! 3y
  •   heidikratzke Fabulous! Love this! 3y
  •   ejbozeman @heidikratzke thank you so much! I appreciate that! 3y
  •   superphrost What an incredible feed you have. Really enjoyed looking through your photos 3y
  •   ejbozeman @blooders thanks a lot man! I really appreciate your kind words and time. 3y

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