•   lindsayfig Me too!! What are u making?! 3y
  •   foxandsparrows @lindsayjfig I am covering a matte with fabric and painting the frame gold for a print we bought. I am so excited with how it turned out! What are you making? 3y
  •   foxandsparrows @abbie001 I am loving it more and more every time I use it! 3y
  •   lindsayfig Awesome!! Sounds cute!!! I'm making a door hanger from wood connection :) 3y
  •   foxandsparrows @lindsayjfig wood connection sounds like a place I should know about! What is it? 3y
  •   lindsayfig OMG ... you neeeeeed to go! Its off of 7200 south and aprox 3 west 3y
  •   lindsayfig Google it .. its all pre cut and you just paint destress and modge podge cute paper on! It's addicting! Be careful lol 3y
  •   foxandsparrows @lindsayjfig how have I not heard of this place?! It sounds awesome! 3y

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