greyg0ose Schitzuu schnuggle sesh. #snuggle #puppy #nap #comfy #hehatesme 3y
  •   klcxo I had a black and white schitzu! Best dogs 3y
  •   greyg0ose @klcxo he normally hates my guts but he has his cute moments 3y
  •   jjord4n Quite possibly one of the ugliest dogs ever! Why not cuddle with a kitty instead? :) 3y
  •   greyg0ose @jjord4n he is not ugly! 3y
  •   klcxo My dog had an underbite too but don't you think they look like the ewoks from star wars? Haha @greyg0ose 3y
  •   greyg0ose Hahah yes! That's what everyone says! @klcxo 3y
  •   jjord4n Well maybe not but that underbite... Don't cry, a lot of dogs aren't exactly cute! 3y

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