caygraylomomma @sweadie2 sorry it took me so long. I was tagged by @sweadie2 and @deckerao05 for #9ofpride. I used the frame magic app to do this. Nine is hard to pick, I think I could have picked many more. Not because of the quality of the image, but rather because of the feelings, the bliss and the memories these images evoke. I tag @bumblingbav @tabi_isme @superkarynfragilistic @ggrech and anyone else who wants to ply. If I tagged someone who's played already, my bad. Sorry. 3y
  •   5girls1roof Great 9! 3y
  •   mynaburd You have beautiful pictures!! Love all these so much!! 3y
  •   caygraylomomma @deckerao05 thanks hun and thanks for tagging me.
    @mynaburd thanks myna- mwah 3y
  •   tabi_isme Great photos! Now please tell me...what am I to do? 3y
  •   caygraylomomma @tabi_isme you need an app where you can put nine pics in I used frame magic from the app store. Then put in your nine photos you are proud of that you've posted on here. Then post it and tag me so I can see them. You can pick a few people to tag to keep the game going. 3y
  •   tabi_isme Okie dokie! Will take me awhile but I'll see what I can do! 3y
  •   ggrech Beautiful! Tx for the tag @caygraylomomma Workin on it  3y

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