thestick Hawaii's Stairway to Heaven ..... I'm dieing to go back there (yes, pun intended). 4y
  •   thestick Yes @chanthasonn this is one crazy trail, but it so awesome all the way up and down and when you peek the ridge now if you could only shut off the pain....... lol. 4y
  •   __chanthayvas__ @thestick my legs already hurt just looking at it lol. I bet the view is amazing from the top. 4y
  •   thestick You're able to stay on ridge above the stairs and go all the way around to my next photo and there used to be another set of stairs that came all the way down, but that one was never maintained so you can only see a couple stair sections with a good set of binoculars @chanthasonn. 4y
  •   nessieleigh90 Very cool! @crmhunting and I would love to hike that! Makes me actually want to hike. Lol 4y
  •   __chanthayvas__ @thestick ummm I think I'll try to conquer koko head before I even attempt to try those lol 4y
  •   thestick Well... How do I put this nicely. After the US Coast Guard gave up the area and shut down the station when the technology became obsolete, they even dropped the huge metal cables that ran like a spider web across the valley from the tops of the ridges, we were told that the cables could cut through the H3 viaduct structure if it fell while being lowered from the top of mountain. The City and County of Honolulu was the only entity that wanted to accept to take over the Stairway to Heaven, but after spending around half a million dollars to repair the sectional steps, the C&C of Honolulu failed to ascertain parking for nor access to the beginning of the Stairway to Heaven. In short @nessiemills @ @crmhunting you would need to sneak in before the security guard reports to work at 4:00-4:30am. Don't get me wrong because there's people that go in and the guards don't hassle people coming out from there. 4y
  •   thestick Kokohead is a good start then this one next right @chanthasonn. lol. There was this one lady that used to hike this every day training for a triathlon and she made it to the top platform in 45 minutes I think it was. 4y
  •   thestick Aloha @barracuda1986, Mahalo (Thank you) for the follow. I hope that you will enjoy each visit with me into my little world. 3y

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