mykel Inspired by a wee chat with my good friend @amoryash and with a little help from #AndreaMosaic I present to you my #400ofpride. I'm not overdoing it am I? 4y
  •   mnov5534 Wow that's awesome! 4y
  •   sailor It says on igexercist that it deletes followers that you don't follow. Is there a way to disable that? 4y
  •   tonituttut Hysterical! Love it. 4y
  •   poeticwordvomit WOW. How I wish I posted the challenge up 7 weeks ago. 4y
  •   melrae66 Hilarious and wonderful  4y
  •   mykel @poeticwordvomit you and me both. Will have to come up with a plan B. 4y
  •   mykel @melrae66 thanks. Who can stop at 9 :) 4y
  •   ianhonest Wow..... 4y

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