•   _rainwater lol okay :p so you're a Marine, huh? whats your mos?? (: 3y
  •   camogreen28 I was a heavy equipment operator during my early years then I worked as a watch chief in Iraq when I picked up Sgt. I over watched convoys, airstrikes, airsupport and everything else on our base. 3y
  •   _rainwater Thats awesome!(: did you enjoy it a lot? 3y
  •   camogreen28 @jessirhea13 I enjoyed the friends I made, going to different countries, and the experience. 3y
  •   _rainwater i hear a lot of positives about the Corps because no one is really allowed to talk negative towards it haha 3y
  •   camogreen28 Oh, no there was plenty of negatives but glad I joined and very proud to have earned the title. There will be lots of things you will disagree with and plenty of piss poor supervision and management. But then again, every career/workplace will have its negatives but the pride of being a Marine and the experience will be worth it. 3y
  •   _rainwater very true. I mean, i hear some pretty bad stuff coming from boot camp haha but i guess its different for every person, and i will just have to see aha i just like talking to Marines and hearing what they have to say(: so thank you & thank you for serving (: 3y
  •   camogreen28 :) good luck 3y

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