huli_on Rest of screenshots from the vid, I'll post it on fb soon if anybody still pays attention to fb lol 4y
  •   smart34_crb @huli_on how did you do yesterday man? 4y
  •   smart34_crb How did the fight go yesterday? 4y
  •   huli_on @scariola3 I did pretty good for my first fight. They pretty much set me up for failure when they threw me in there with some guy way more experienced and 15 lbs heavier but I held my own. He was alot stronger then me and was getting me and first but everything he landed I came right back and landed my own shits. It got pretty crazy we just went to war back and forth for 2 rounds. I would say he got the better of shots but I made sure hed remember for sure 4y
  •   smart34_crb @huli_on man that's dope man atleast you were able to compete. Got your feet wet a little bit hopefully i can make out to your next fight be out there to support. 4y
  •   huli_on @scariola3 yeah right on I'll let you know about the next one, alex said he's coming next time too so you guys can come watch some fights soon 4y

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