keiselle Dear Kawaii Lovers,

Thank you for joining our first kawaii challenge. And our challenge for today is #kawaiipencils_kawaiichallenge

All you have to do is arrange and capture one of our most loved subjects, colored pencils or crayons. You can put some design or faces if you want to as long as the main subject are pencils or crayons. -----------------------------------------
Simple rules :
1. You can post as many entries as you want but be sure, they are ORIGINAL, meaning they are yours, and not copied or edited from the Internet especially from Tumblr or Weheartit. -----------------------------------------
2. You must tag entries to #kawaiioftheday_challenge , #kawaiioftheday and #kawaiipencils_kawaiichallenge
3. Please put geotag #kawaiipencils_challenge
4. Only new posts or reposts. No tagging of old posts please.
5. The winner will be selected by the #kawaiigurls.
6. The winner will be an instant member of our #kawaiigurls_kawaiigroup .
Challenge ends every Friday, and the winner will be announced every Sunday.
Hoping for your participation and looking forward to colorful and creative pencils or crayons.

With much love, the Kawaiigurls.

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