vas_happening_princess Part 12: We all had puzzled faces they opened the doors. I peeked out and they kicked me out. I landed on glass so I was bleeding on the side. They shut the doors and drove off. "Harry!" I screamed. HARRYS POV I saw Krystal bleeding. "No!" I said yelling. I told the boys to hit the door. It finally broke. We ran to Krystal. Back to the story "Harry Help" I said losing my voice. "I can't lose you Krystal" Harry whispered in my ear. They all carried me and ran to the nearest hospital. "I need a doctor!" Harry screamed. They picked me up from the boys and took me in a room. After everything went black again. Later Harry walked in his eyes puffy. "Harry don't cry I'm ok" I whispered. "I'm not leaving you till you get better" Harry said smiling. "The boys went to go get Zayn" Harry said a little scared. That night Harry stayed by my side. The next morning I saw Harry sleeping. He looked adorable. "Vas happening!" Zayn yelled. "What happened?" zayn said looking concerned. "I fell on glass" I said. "Where's Trisha and Daisha?" I said frowning. Zayn looked down," They went back home cause you Weren't hanging with them. Niall came in crying. "Nialler come here what's wrong?" I said patting his back. "Daisha broke up with me" he said crying. Louis ran in and looked like he saw a ghost..../ no feedback no part 13 @tatychung @lexis_sinder143 @reirei4ever @808skullcandy #harrystyles #iwillalwaysloveharrystyles #noh8forharrystyles #fanfic #harrystylesfanfiction #1d 4y

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