swade77 As I stopped to meet my good friend @beerlord today, the Air Force One carrier jet was flying over. President Obama is speaking at Joplin High School's graduation tomorrow night and Tuesday is the one year anniversary of the EF-5 tornado that killed 162. #route66 #obama 3y
  •   breatheeasywithus It was great seeing you yesterday man! Godbless you and Joplin. Thanx for everything 3y
  •   esqzach Awesome sir. 3y
  •   a_beautiful_disaster Very cool 3y
  •   ttucker52 Route 66 is Santa Monica Blvd. out here. Was on it today 3y
  •   beerlord Yay!!! Good to see you today Wade! 3y
  •   jomoprof That's awesome! Graduation is going to be amazing!! 3y
  •   drewmaniac I saw that jet today chilling at the airport. It was HUGE. Also, a lot of men in black suits for some reason. 3y
  •   24k Haven't been to one in so long. Those are always fun. 3y

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