thesportsquench #JamesHarden, #RussellWestbrook, and the rest of the #OKC #Thunder have been dominant against the #LosAngelesLakers this series. Last night the Thunder took a 3-1 lead against #LA, and it seems that the Lakers look a bit tired. Could this be the end of the glory days for the Lakers, or are they still considered an elite team around the the #NBA? 4y
  •   xbosa300x Lakers will forever be a solid team. Just need a young star. Deron Williams? Dwight Howard? 4y
  •   alexx.w_ I love james harden 4y
  •   housercole Theyre done 4y
  •   keisla Done!!! 4y
  •   mmartincpa Dominant? They dominated game one, but could have easily lost the next three as LA let two late leads slip away. LA is looking old, but I wouldn't say OKC has dominated. 4y
  •   d_mun @mmartincpa agreed OKC has not dominated 4y
  •   birdvision420 Haha OKC is dominating game 3 was all Vegas lakers suck old ass team 4y
  •   jordzniccolo okc all the way to the finals.. say youre final word gasol you'll be leaving la this coming off season!! =)) 4y

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